Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cheap Sony BRAVIA DAV-HDX589W 5.1-Channel Theater System (Black)

On Sale Sony BRAVIA DAV-HDX589W 5.1-Channel Theater System (Black)

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

The Sony iPod Dock
The included dock lets you enjoy all your favorite music, straight from your iPod

The Sony BRAVIA DAV-HD589W Theater System
Get a truly cinematic experience from your entertainment in this all-in-one package
The DAV-HDX589W BRAVIA theater system boasts an integrated 5 DVD/CD changer, and 1000 watts of room-filling power. With the included S-AIR rear speakers with rear receiver and amp (WAHT-SA10), you can now hear powerful sound from behind you without running wires. Plus, iPod support is available with a compatible Sony DIGITAL MEDIA PORT. The unit will support the following players: iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod Nano 1st, 2nd & 3rd generation, iPod 4th & 5th generation & iPod Mini. Get a truly cinematic experience from your movies and your music library from an affordable, all-in-one package, with simple setup and a powerful 5.1 channels of sound.
Wireless Rear Surround with S-AIR
Reduce wire clutter in your home theater with the Sony DAV-HDX589W home theater system and this included wireless surround sound speaker unit. You can take your BRAVIA theater system to the next level and enjoy your entertainment without the hassle of wires with Sony's S-AIR technology and the WAHT-SA10 wireless surround transmitter and speaker. This WAHT-SA10 eliminates front to rear wiring and it's easy to set up with your DAV-HDX589W BRAVIA home theater system using S-AIR's patented simple setup. It's also compatible with the S-AIR ready transmitter (EZW-T100), so you can also enjoy your favorite soundtracks with wireless rear surround, or from any room of your house.
5-Disc Player with HDMI Upscaling
Sony BRAVIA DAV-HDX589W 5.1-Channel Theater System (Black)
The DAV-HDX589W features upscaling to 720p/1080i of DVD media, so your existing movie collection will look better than ever on your HDTV. Queue up to five of your favorite movie and music discs and get ready for startling fidelity and an immersive audio and video experience.
The demand for digital audio and video content continues to be strong. Sony’s DIGITAL MEDIA PORT (DMP) interface is a proprietary interface that adds networking and connectivity options to your home theater system. Just connect optional accessories (sold separately) which provide the ability to control and power devices while making set up easy and operation simple to use. The DMP will be compatible with various accessories which will include a PC Client ready device, Bluetooth adapter and Audio Docking stations compatible with select Network Walkman and iPod products. Regardless of where you store your music.

Technical Specifications

  • Playback: DVD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW
  • Disc Capacity: 5
  • Maximum Output Power: 1000 watts
  • Output Channels: 5.1
  • Video Upscaling: To 720p/1080i
  • iPod Support: Yes, with optional compatible DIGITAL MEDIA PORT (sold separately)
  • Wireless Support: S-AIR WAHT-SA10 transmitter and speakers included

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