Thursday, January 26, 2012

Buy Panasonic SC-PT750 Deluxe 5 DVD Home Theater System

On Sale Panasonic SC-PT750 Deluxe 5 DVD Home Theater System

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Your widescreen HDTV experience is only a fraction of what epitomizes the home-theater experience. Panasonic SC-PT750 Deluxe 5 DVD Home Theater System delivers that 5.1 channel surround sound you've been hearing so much about. It also adds a 5-Disc DVD and CD changer. Got an iPod player? There's a dock for that too! The wireless rear speakers let you place them wherever you like without the clutter of cables. You can also expand your music listening into three additional rooms with the optional SH-FX85 wireless multi-room speaker kit. To give you the astonishingly high image quality of today's HD technology, the 1080p upconversion function converts standard definition images from DVDs to high definition. That means you'll get the most out of your HDMI compatible HDTV. And unlike ordinary video up-converters that produce images with thicker edges and decreased sharpness, the HD Enhancer keeps edges crisp and clear for outstanding detail. Enhance your home theater system with the incredible combination of Panasonic sound technology and 1000 watts of power. Super Surround puts you in the action with lifelike sound from every angle, and a Four-Step Subwoofer Level Control puts you in command with rich sound effects you can hear and feel.

echnical Details

  • 5 Disc DVD/CD
  • 1000 Total Watts
  • i-Pod Dock Incl
  • Included Wireless to surround speakers
  • Optional Multi-Room capability
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This Product Is ENERGY STAR® Qualified
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Panasonic SC-PT750 Deluxe 5 DVD Home Theater System

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