Saturday, February 4, 2012

Best Buy Sony BRAVIA DAV-HDX265 Home Theater System

Sale Sony BRAVIA DAV-HDX265 Home Theater System

Product Description

Sony BRAVIA DAV-HDX265 Home Theater System

HDMI Output with 1080i upscaling of DVD Media --- Reads the data on a standard DVD at 480P and upscales the video resolution to 1080i resolution on your compatible TV. This allows for you to enjoy the best in video performance while delivering digital video and audio over one simple cable. BRAVIA¿ Theater Sync --- As a leader in products with HDMI connectivity, Sony has created BRAVIA¿ Theater Sync to go beyond simple audio and video transmission. When combined with a select number of BRAVIA¿ Televisions and other Sony audio and video products, in addition to audio and video transmission, control functions will be transmitted via the HDMI cable. With One Touch Play, operations that took several steps have been reduced to one. Press the PLAY button on the remote, watch the audio and/or the video component(s) turn on then the BRAVIA¿ television turn on and switch to the correct video input Simple Easy BRAVIA¿ Theater Sync.

Technical Details

  • 5-disc DVD/CD/SA-CD player
  • Powerful 1000-watt RMS rating
  • BRAVIA Theater Sync technology for flawless picture and sound
  • Digital Media Port lets you expand your home theater's capabilities
  • Seamless HDMI upscaling to 720p/1080i of DVD media
Sony BRAVIA DAV-HDX265 Home Theater System

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